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VP of Economic Development and Technology, Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Serve as the Chamber’s lobbyist on economic development and technology matters.  Work as a team with other Chamber lobbyists to establish, promote and maintain strong relationships by the Government Affairs staff with customers, legislators, regulators, corporate government affairs staff, trade association representations and other stake-holders.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Day-to-day lobbying: Prepare and deliver testimony, legislator visits, interim study committees, grass roots activities, issues meetings, coalition development and execution and issue development planning.

  • Work with the General Assembly, Governor’s office and relevant state departments on issues of importance to the business community.

  • Work with other Chamber lobbyists to plan and allocate duties, responsibilities and resources.

  • Maintain high and current knowledge of economic development and technology issues, as well as general knowledge of all government affairs issue areas.

  • Build, maintain and utilize relationships with internal and external stakeholders to benefit Indiana’s business community. Serve as spokesperson of the Chamber, when needed.

  • Answer member inquiries based on economic development and technology issues.

  • Communications - write and/or provide information for: media interviews, speeches, articles/letters to editor, e-newsletters (Interim Updates and Legislative Report), session documents (Legislative Business Issues and Legislative Agenda) and post-session publications (Legislative Vote Analysis and Chamber ROI).

  • Network and build relationships with other lobbyists, local chambers, members, committee members and coalition partners.

  • Work with other lobbyists on government affairs division matters: budget development and review, performance reviews and expense control.

  • Staff economic development and technology committees.

  • Represent Chamber at fundraisers for members of the House and Senate as assigned.

  • When needed, represent the Chamber with other lobbyists, local chambers, members, media and the public.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, public administration, technology or a related field, plus 10+ years experience in government affairs, business or public administration.

  • MBA, MPA, JD or other advanced degree in the economic development and technology policy field desirable.

  • Strong familiarity with legislative and regulatory processes.

  • Strong knowledge in assigned legislative fields with respect to their laws and regulations.

  • Training in local government, association management, business administration, legislative processes, government affairs, and written and oral communications.

  • High degree of proficiency in communication, relationship building, writing and speaking.  Strong organizational, leadership and team-building skills. Perseverance, patience and persistence with respect to legislative and regulatory pursuits.

  • Registered lobbyist

  • Flexible with varying work hours.  

Email all resumes to:

Michelle Kavanaugh, SPHR
Director, Human Resources
Indiana Chamber of Commerce