State Chamber of the Year Awards

To highlight best practices among state chambers and to provide recognition to COSC member chambers and their leaders who have distinguished themselves by providing exceptional services and results for their members, each year COSC honors a state chamber with the State Chamber of the Year (SCOTY) Award.

State chambers are encouraged to apply for the award, highlighting one or more of the following areas of achievement:

  • public policy,

  • political engagement,

  • membership & development,

  • organizational development,

  • communications, and

  • membership services.

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2019 Winners Announced

The Council of State Chambers announced in September that the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been named the 2019 "State Chamber of the Year."

“This is a tremendous honor for our organization as well as the thousands of member companies and local chambers of commerce that support the Missouri Chamber. This recognition shows that our peer chambers around the country see the Missouri Chamber as a leader and innovator in our work to advocate for Missouri’s business community and improve our economy,” said Daniel P. Mehan, President and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “In accepting this award, we are grateful to the Council of State Chambers and our peer state chambers from across the United States for their shared mission and comradery as we advocate on behalf of job creators. Even as the Missouri Chamber approaches our 100thanniversary, our work and mission remain more relevant than ever. Our Missouri 2030 strategic initiative is a critical guiding force for our state. We are excited about what the future holds for the Missouri Chamber and the state of Missouri.”

The Missouri Chamber was recognized during the 95th Annual Meeting of the Council of State Chambers. Also recognized for outstanding achievement were the:

  • Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, finalist, State Chamber of the Year

  • Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, finalist, State Chamber of the Year

  • Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, Outstanding Achievement in Political Engagement

  • Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, Outstanding Achievement in Member Services

  • Business Council of Alabama, Outstanding Achievement in Public Policy


Past State Chamber of the Year Winners

  • 2018 - Georgia Chamber of Commerce

  • 2017 - Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

  • 2016 - North Carolina Chamber