Become a NASC Partner

State Chambers of Commerce are the leading voices for business in our states, and the National Association of State Chamber (NASC) is the national organization for State Chamber CEOs and their executive leadership.


Why become a NASC Partner?

  • NASC members are among the nation’s most highly respected, forward-thinking CEOs and business association leaders.
  • State chambers’ boards of directors and business members are America’s most successful corporate, small business, and organizational leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Our strength is in our brand and national network with our members collectively representing millions of employers and the jobs they create.
  • The NASC Center for State Action is the premier resource for state chambers in their efforts to effectively and efficiently advocate on behalf of their members. An active network of more than 400 state chamber government affairs, policy, and political experts join together to advance issues of common interest.

Our State Chamber CEO-only Winter Meeting and Fall Annual Meeting bring together state chamber leadership from 35+ states. We foster collaboration throughout the year, helping NASC’s members hone their strategies and expertise on policy issues, politics, and elections. 

NASC Partners participate in all of these events and discussions and provide state chambers with innovative ideas to grow their states. NASC Partners generally fall into one of two categories (and sometimes both):

  • Policy Partners advocate state and local policies that align with state chamber interests. NASC advances our Policy Partners’ interests by helping refine and improve their positions and accelerating adoption of those positions in the states.
  • Solution Partners offer tools and services that directly assist state chambers in their efforts to serve their members and allow state chambers to provide additional value to their members. NASC advances our Solution Partners’ interests by fostering regular, meaningful interaction with state chamber leaders. Partners enjoy access to NASC’s network, events, communications, and staff.

Partnerships are tailored to meet each Partners’ needs, and may include NASC hosted webinars, participation on panel presentations, recognition online and at meetings, and booth/display space at events. To apply to become a NASC Partner, fill out this simple form.