State Chamber of the Year: 2024 Application Details


May 1
Nominations open

June 21
Chamber of the Year application deadline.

Judging of all applicants
Finalist interviews conducted (via ZOOM)

August (Greenbrier NASC/ASCP Joint meeting)
Award winner announced at annual awards dinner.


To highlight best practices among state chambers and to provide recognition to NASC member chambers and their leaders who have distinguished themselves by providing exceptional services and results for their members. State chambers are encouraged to apply for the award, highlighting recent achievement in one or more of the following areas: public policy, political engagement, membership & development, organizational development, communications, and membership services.


State chambers seeking recognition as “State Chamber of the Year” will demonstrate excellence in several of the following areas of achievement. The specified achievement will have taken place in the last year, legislative session, or election cycle. In addition to applications being considered for SCOTY recognition, the judges will be looking for best practices in each of the areas below. Applicants are encouraged to select the category or categories they believe they deserve special recognition in this year.

Public Policy: Shaping public policy through original research, surveys, communications, lobbying, member engagement, public engagement, and/or other means to achieve positive results for the business community. The specific achievement should have occurred during the last legislative session.
Political Engagement: Advancing causes of critical importance to the business community directly or through affiliated entities (e.g., a PAC) with regard to issues, candidates, and other electoral activities in the last election cycle.
Membership and Development: Measurable success in growing membership and other financial resources to support the mission of the organization.
Organizational Development: Development of the state chamber organization through the innovative use of technology, the enhancement of its facilities, the professional development of its staff, the work of associated entities such as its foundation, the creation of internal efficiencies, etc.
Best Communications Program: Development of innovative and effective communications programming or communications products that have produced a significant impact on the organization, the chamber membership, and/or the state the chamber serves.
Membership Services: Development and provision of exceptional member services through offering educational programs, member discount programs, major events or member products that have addressed a particular need for chamber members, and/or produced significant revenue for the chamber.


The application for State Chamber of the Year is very simple. Tell us your state chamber's great accomplishments, and we'll tell the world. In 800 words or less, summarize the areas of achievement you wish to highlight for entry in the State Chamber of the Year award. The deadline for applications is JUNE 21, 2024. View the application HERE


A panel of three experienced chamber professionals will review all of the applications and select three finalists.


The three finalists will participate in a final interview with the judges in order to answer any questions.


Awards will be announced at the joint NASC - ASCP conference at the Greenbrier in West Virginia.