State Chamber of the Year: Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly should applicants submit?

By the application deadline, state chambers should submit (1) a 100-word summary included within the online application form, (2) a one-page overview of all the achievements your state chamber wishes to highlight (attached in a separate email), and (3) any additional supporting material for the judges to consult (e.g., if you highlight a media campaign in your one-pager, you may include a link to a video or a dedicated website used during that campaign within your additional supporting material). There is no limit on the amount of supporting material you may submit, but such supporting material should be examples of the highlighted achievements, not additional narrative descriptions of those achievements.

When should the achievements submitted for consideration have occurred?

The achievements submitted for consideration should have occurred recently—during the prior year or this year. We recognize that not every state legislature meets annually or has significant elections annually. For the public policy and political engagement categories, you may look back to the last legislative session or significant election cycle with regard to these areas of achievement. 

Should we submit achievements for each of the six achievement categories or only one?

The State Chamber of the Year award winner will likely have made significant achievements in more than one category. Entrants should carefully consider all categories and submit information for all categories in which the state chamber has a significant achievement. In addition to one State Chamber of the Year winner, COSC may recognize state chambers with outstanding achievement in each of the six categories. 

Are we allowed to provide supplemental information for the essays? Such as images, videos, advocacy collateral, etc? If so, what is the best way to do this?

Yes, in addition to your brief 100-word recitation of significant achievements included with the online application, you should prepare a one-page description of your achievements. You may also attach, send or link supplemental information, including related media or websites. Please email this additional material to Maura Donley 

Is there a specific criteria system the judges will use to determine a winner? Will the size of state chamber organizations be taken into account?

Judges will take into account all aspects of the state chamber's submission including the size of a chamber and its resources when determining a winner. There are no set systematic criteria for the judges to use, but instead, judges will rely on their extensive experience within the state chamber community to distinguish the State Chamber of the Year.

Who are the judges?

There will be a panel of 3-5 judges for the State Chamber of the Year. The judges will be experienced state chamber professionals with no current direct ties to any of the entries.