Workforce: A Throttle on American Growth

The National Association of State Chambers (NASC) is pleased to present a first ever, comprehensive, 50-state study on workforce engagement by our members and some of the best practices that have emerged. NASC’s Chamber members represent over 100,000 job creators who employ 50 percent of the total private sector workforce in the United States. NASC has an overall mission to connect, and leverage state chambers of commerce so they can unite and mobilize the collective impact of employers in the promotion of free enterprise. The ability of the free enterprise system to function is being rocked to its core with the need for workforce solutions.

Site Selection magazine recently stated: “COVID-19 changed our world in countless ways, but one of the biggest was its impact on the war for talent. If the global pandemic taught us anything, it was that worker shortages are the new norm and that new rules for talent attraction are being written daily.”* Our members and their employers are on the front line of talent acquisition, and they are asking for assistance navigating this “new norm”. Our goal with this study was to provide our members, all employers, and elected officials with the ideas and tools they need to navigate our current worker shortages and skill mismatches, both in the short term and the long term.

We thank Ted Abernathy, Greg Payne and the outstanding team at Economic Leadership for compiling and presenting this study. Our work here would not have been possible without the support and underwriting from Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute and their Emma Coalition, which is the first and only employer-focused, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to preparing American businesses and government for TIDE (technology induced displacement of employment).

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WORKFORCE: A Throttle on American Growth

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Littler's Workplace Policy Institute® (WPI™) partners with the employer community to engage in legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts on issues that impact the workplace. They provide clients with unique insights into local, state and federal labor policy and legal developments and work to affect workplace policies throughout the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. Harnessing deep experience, expansive resources and focused dedication, the WPI team ensures that policymakers in Washington DC and around the country hear the voice of employers. 

The research and analysis for the study was conducted by Ted Abernathy, Managing Partner of Economic Leadership LLC; and supported by the Emma Coalition, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization founded by Littler WPI in 2018 to address the technology-induced displacement of employment (TIDE™) through education, training and engagement with policymakers. Lotito serves as president of the coalition and has devoted significant attention to efforts to prepare American business and the American workforce for the future of work.


*Site Selection magazine, The Top 10 Workforce Issues of 2022